Patient-Centric Approach and beyond-the-pill Strategy

Patient-Centric Approach and beyond-the-pill Strategy

Deliver real value: The time is now to move forward

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Publiée en décembre 2019

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A 360° study to inform your strategy:

  • #1 – Learn how pharma and medtech wrap services around their products to deliver more value
  • #2 – Uncover how leaders harness digital to enable value-adding services
  • #3 – Identify barriers to overcome and key success factors
  • #4 – Clarify the capabilities you need to effectively engage payers, providers, patients, and to co-develop and disseminate integrated solutions that meet their needs.

Renewed pressure to deliver greater value for money:

The cost of healthcare continues to rise despite decades of pressure to contain spending. The underlying factors remain – rising incomes, ageing populations, increasing prevalence and complexity of disease, poor productivity, plus innovative but costly medical technology.

The rising cost of healthcare is unsustainable. Pressure is mounting on everyone in the health ecosystem to deliver better health outcomes, improved experiences for patients and care teams, and containing costs.

Beyond-the-pill digital offerings are becoming essential:

With a focus on outcomes, patient access to health technologies is increasingly determined by real-world clinical and economic value.

The era of patient-centric digital technologies that link services to medicines and medical devices has dawned. They hold the promise of better clinical outcomes, improved patients’ lives and reduced healthcare costs.

Payers are dipping a toe in the water. Pharma and medtech are starting to see such services as essential for market access as well as real-world data capture, innovative contracting and faster dissemination of innovation.

Capturing a golden opportunity:

Advances in digital technology offer pharma and medtech the opportunity to expand their role in the healthcare value chain, strengthen their bond with health consumers, and deliver better outcomes for patients and other stakeholders.

Nevertheless, designing and deploying at-scale holistic offerings needs more than just technology. The lessons from first-gen initiatives are clear.

Success requires:

  1. Clearly stated intent
  2. Visible top management commitment
  3. Internalization of patient-centricity
  4. Outcomes focus in the culture of the organization
  5. A transformation towards outcomes focused collaboration and solution co-creation.

In this report, we share insights on innovative initiatives, leading players and the capabilities we consider critical to scale-up holistic solutions and thrive in an outcomes-driven environment.


The information for this report was gathered from multiple sources, including:

  • Semi-structured interviews (Face-to-face or telephone) with 70 leaders working in different regions of the world either for the pharma and medtech industry or for other stakeholders in health systems (Patient groups, providers, policy makers, payers)
  • Unstructured interviews with 8 leaders working for digital therapeutics or digital health companies
  • Secondary research from publically available sources of information.

About StarGen

Hervé DREVOT is a partner at StarGen.

StarGen helps pharma and medtech companies define their innovation strategy and expand their offerings beyond the pill.  StarGen facilitates joint working (Patients, Providers, Payers, and Industry), co-creation and implementation of patient-centric solutions to improve outcomes.

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